Complaint Reporting Forms

​Complaint Reporting Forms​

SJECCD is committed to fostering a safe, positive learning and working environment where all can pursue their career or educational goals and participate in college-sponsored activities. To this end, all members of the district community are provided protection and due process of their individual rights against unfair and improper action.  In addition, the holistic wellbeing of all individuals within our district community is a significant priority.​

The following forms can be used to report issues within our community to ensure the above commitment is met:

Student Misconduct Reporting Form ​​– This form should be used to report any alleged violations of the SJECCD Standards of Student Conduct 

Title IX and Discrimination  – This form should be used to report all complaints of discrimination including:

National Origin, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Ethnic Group Identification, Language/Accent Ancestry, Color, Marital Status, Disability (physical or mental), Race, Immigration Status, Gender Identity, Retaliation, Age, Veteran Status, or Medical condition

Or incidents involving: Stalking, sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, or sexual harassment/discrimination

General Complaints and Student Grievance – This form should be used to report complaints regarding financial aid, course grades, or the exercise of rights of free expression/speech.

Student Support Referral Form– ​This form was known as the Student of Concern Report. Submitting this form notifies campus personnel about individuals who may experiencing distress or difficulty and may need additional support and assistance.

Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Form - This form should be used to report 508 Compliance complaints, concerns, and grievances. 

Report of Accessibility Issues – This incident reporting form should be used to report accessibility issues while at any District owned property.

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