College, Nonprofit Help Build Digital Literacy for Property Service Workers

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, property service workers were recognized as essential, frontline employees. Janitorial staff were tasked with the heavy burden of protecting themselves, their coworkers and their families from illness.

Building Skills Partnership took this burden and made it an opportunity. “Our mission is to improve the quality of life of property service workers and their families,” explains Luis Sandoval, executive director of the California-based nonprofit.

BSP works closely with California’s largest property service division and over 70 companies throughout the state. Although the nonprofit focuses on three goals — workforce development, immigrant integration and community investment — a lot of its work falls in the first bucket, including its partnership with Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, Calif.

“Our hands are together in this work,” says Sandoval. “Our goal is to reach nontraditional students in a pathway that is going to address a need for the industry around workforce development, while also linking the students to a community college.”

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