Evergreen Valley College has partnered with Arizona State University for a new Concurrent Enrollment Program [EVC-ASU CEP]. By entering into this program you can work toward completing an Associate's Degree in Nursing at EVC and a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing through ASU simultaneously.

EVC-ASU CEP overview

The ASU portion of the program is online and asynchronous
ASU will accept any students admitted to the EVC Nursing program
ASU does not charge out-of-state tuition for their CEP
Students can start their ASU Coursework prior to starting their EVC coursework or midway.

If you are interested in the EVC-ASU CEP, please take a look at the informational slideshow, handbook and website linked below.

ASU CEP informational slideshow
ASU CEP handbook
ASU CEP webpage


For more information, you can contact ASU.

Phone: (602) 496-0937
Email: asu.cep@asu.edu
Website: links.asu.edu/cep

ASU Eligibility

To be eligible to join the ASU CEP, students must meet all of the following criteria:

● Be admitted to or enroll in the EVC associate degree nursing program.

● Earn a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in the prerequisite courses listed below. Course options at EVC are listed in parentheses.

○ First Year Composition I (ENGL 001A)

○ First Year Composition II (ENGL 001B or ENGL 001C)

○ College Mathematics (options include MATH 021, MATH 205, MATH 061, MATH 062, MATH 066, MATH 071)

Although not required for ASU admission, completion of MATH 063 Elementary Statistics at EVC will satisfy the statistics graduation requirement at ASU.

If you do not have the prerequisite courses completed, or you do not meet the minimum GPA, please contact us at asu.cep@asu.edu for options to get started with the CEP.