What is the Purpose of

Guided Pathways at EVC?


Guided Pathways at EVC is a student-centered approach to organizing college programs to make it easier for students to successfully navigate the college system and achieve their career and educational goals. 

Below you will find a variety of tools and information to help you figure out, enter, and continue on your educational and career path. We are here for you!

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Here is what the Chancellor's Office says about Guided Pathways.

Clarify Your Path

Unite Your Career + Academic Goals at EVC.

At Evergreen Valley College, we're all about our Students and we take great pride in our approach to education and Student Success.


Tools & Resources

Resources To Support + Strengthen Your Studies


Committee Members

Laura Garcia,

Counseling Faculty and Academic Senate Member

Sarai Minjares,

President of Classified Senate

Matais Pouncil,

Vice President of Academic Affairs


Colleen Calderon,

Dean of SSHAPE

Frank Espinoza,

Sociology Faculty

Janina Espinoza

Co-Op Ed. Work Experience/Employment Coordinator 

Grace Estrada, 

Psychology Faculty

Victor Garza,

Dean of Counseling

Robert Gutierrez, 

Dean of Language Arts

Antoinette Herrera,

Dean of Math, Science, and Engineer

Tina Iniguez,

Counseling Faculty and Academic Senate Vice President

Janiece Johnson,

Instructional Support Assistant, ESL

Robbie Kunkel,

Dean of LLR, Distance Education and Dual Enrollment

Sam Morgan,

Dean of Enrollment Services

Anindita Nag,

Senior Division Administrative Assistant

Linhtuyen Nguyen,

Instructional Support Assistant, Lab Lead, Math, Science & Engineering

Heather Ott,

Library Faculty

Bryan Pham,

Instructional Support Program Coordinator, Mathematics

Huma Saleem,

English Faculty

Howard Willis,

Vice President, Student Affairs