About this Career + Academic Pathway.

The Health & Human Services pathway has a range of disciplines that focus on providing health, educational, or legal services to a community. 

Careers in this area include, but are not limited to, health services, nursing preparation, paralegal, teaching, translation and interpretation, physical therapy, and sports management. 

Nursing student

Health & Human Services

Quick Facts


Average salary for community health workers with a High School diploma


Job growth for epidemiologists with a Master’s degree


Average salary for health education specialists with a Bachelor’s degree


Average salary for nurse practitioners with a Master’s degree


Job growth for coaches and scouts with a Bachelor’s degree 


Average salary for postsecondary nursing instructors & teachers with a Doctoral

Breane Fulson

“All the support I received at EVC helped me excel. I am really proud to be where I am now.”

Breane Fulson, RN at Good Samaritan Hospital, Class of 2017


“EVC’s nursing program prepared the hell out of me as a clinical nurse. It made me a better person.”

Omar Barriga, Progressive Care Unit Clinical Nurse and Army Veteran, Class of 2012

Diana Lee

“I graduated from UC Berkeley and then went to EVC. That’s when my life changed. I found my new path.”

Diana Lee, Nutrition and Dietetics, Class of 2020

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