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Student smiling at the Graduation Day Ceremony

Academic Calendar

2022 Spring Registration Dates ​

11/08/21 GROUP 1 Registration for EOP&S, DSP, Veterans, CalWORKs Foster Youth





Registration for EVC Promise students, Honors students, continuing students with less than 100

degree applicable units and HAVE MET the Student Success mandates (multiple measure placement + orientation + educational plan),

11/15/21 GROUP 3

Registration for continuing students with less than 100 degree applicable units and HAVE NOT MET

the Student Success mandates (multiple measure placement + orientation + educational plan)

11/17/21 GROUP 4 Registration for continuing students with 100 or more degree applicable units including students on academic dismissal and/or probation II status
11/18/21 GROUP 5 Registration for returning students from Spring 2021
11/24/21 GROUP 6 Registration begins for continuing high school concurrent students
11/29/21 GROUP 7 Registration begins for new, returning, transfer students
12/08/21 GROUP 8 Registration begins for new or returning high school concurrent students
12/1/21 Veterans Certification of Benefits Deadline for EVC continuing students to ensure VA housing allowance for Intersession & Spring 2022. Please submit all VA Certification documents to Admissions & Records directly. ​

2022 Spring Dates

Students enrolled in spring short term classes (less than 16 weeks) should drop by the first scheduled class meeting to avoid receiving a "W" and being charged registration fees




LAST DAY TO DROP Spring REGULAR classes without receiving a "W" on record or being assessed fees.

LAST DAY TO DROP Spring REGULAR classes with eligibility for a refund of registration fees.

LAST DAY TO ADD via Myweb using Add Authorizations for Spring REGULAR classes (10 pm)



FIRST DAY of Withdrawal "W" period for a Spring REGULAR semester class

2/18 - 2/21/22 Presidents Day - campus closed ​

LAST DAY TO APPLY for a refund of enrollment fees if classes were dropped on or before 2/13/22.

LAST DAY TO SUBMIT Credit/No Credit forms to the Office of Admissions and Records

3/15/22 Graduation/Certificate Petitions for Spring/Summer 2022 due in the Office of Admissions and Records ​
3/25/22 Professional Development Day – no classes held ​
4/11 - 4/13/22 Spring Break – no classes held (4/16-4/17/22) ​
4/14 - 4/15/22 Native American Day & Cesar Chavez Day – CAMPUS CLOSED ​
4/28/22 LAST DAY TO DROP a Spring REGULAR session classes and receive a "W" on record ​
5/20/22 English final exams - no REGULAR day classes meet. Friday evening classes will meet as scheduled. ​
5/27/22 Evergreen Valley College Commencement ​
5/30/22 Memorial Day – campus closed ​
6/6/22 Spring 2022 grades due on Myweb from faculty by 5:00PM ​
6/8/22 Spring Session 2022 grades available online at Myweb https://myweb.sjeccd.edu/