The safety and well being of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is our number one priority. As members of the college community we support student success by sharing the responsibility of maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment.

A safe campus requires the efforts of the Police Department, but also the cooperation and understanding of the entire district and campus community.

Police officers are available seven days a week during class hours. Offenses, accidents or any emergencies that occur on campus should be reported immediately to the District Police


John Spicer
EVC Campus Police

RAVE Mobile Safety - Emergency Notification System.

Rave Mobile Safety is an emergency communication system capable of delivering email, text and phone messages to employees and students. All SJECCD registered students and employees have been enrolled in the program using contact information extracted from MyWeb.

To update your emergency alert contact information, make the changes in MyWeb and the updates will be transferred to Rave Mobile Safety within 72 hours. You can also make changes directly on the Rave website at Get Rave. Please note - changes made in Rave will not be transferred to MyWeb. To log into Rave the first time, select "Forgot user password?" and enter your registered email address to receive your password.


Information & Resources

Safety Escorts

Police Services will accompany staff to and from their vehicles for the purposes of safety. This service can be summoned by calling Police Services at 408-270-6468 during operational business hours.  


Facility Access 

District facilities at Evergreen Valley College, San José City College and the Milpitas Extension are open and available for staff to access. 


Santa Clara County Med Project 

Police Services has entered into an agreement with the County of Santa Clara, allowing the  SJECCD to become a disposal facility for expired and/or unwanted medication. The kiosks were  installed at the Police Departments of each respective college and are accessible during Police  Services normal operating hours. This is a great program for anyone to drop off medications,  safely and securely instead of leaving them around their homes or throwing them in the garbage. Use the adjacent link to the MED-Project if any of you would like to get additional details


The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act

In accordance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 (Title II of Public Law 101-542), the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act, Evergreen Valley College will collect as of August 1, 1991, and distribute an annual crime report as required by this legislation. Student-Right-to-Know requires all colleges to publish annual transfer and completion rates along with Campus Crime Rates & Security Report. The report is made available to the community by September 1st of each year.​

Federal Regulations

In compliance with the federal Student- Right-to-Know Act of 1990, Evergreen Valley College collects and reports statistics regarding criminal activity on campus. The incident report is available at http://www.sjeccd.edu/district-services/district-police/the-jeanne-clery-act. This information contains daily incidents police personnel are involved in and are called to. The Student-Right- to- Know information is available at each of the police stations on campus for viewing. 

Campus Crime & Safety Report

The Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990 requires all colleges to publish an annual Campus Crime and Security Report and to make this report available by September 1 of each year to all current students, employees, and prospective employees. The reports will report/disclose information on campus-based crimes and campus safety policies and procedures.

A complete copy of the Campus Crime Report can be obtained from the EVC Campus Police website at http://www.sjeccd.edu/district-services/district-police/the-jeanne-clery-act. The report contains additional crime statistics on major offenses reported over the past two years. The college will provide a complete paper copy upon request.​​


PH:    408-270-6468

FAX:  408-239-0417


EVC: District Police Department

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Sat: 7 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Sunday: 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Holidays: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.