First Stop Center

The First Stop Center is EVC's Welcome and Onboarding Center. Whether you are a new and prospective student or returning student, the First Stop center will get you started or continue on your educational and career path and help you navigate the college system. We provide you with assistance and support with onboarding, educational pathways, special programs, and other campus resources. Make us your first stop at EVC!

We are currently offering in-person assistance in our office. You can opt to come into our office to get 1-on-1 assistance with registering for classes, uploading your proof of COVID-19 Vaccination, or creating the SJECCD Secure Login Portal (MyWeb, Canvas, Self-Service, MyHealth Portal, etc.)


How Can I Get Started At EVC?

Follow our New Student's Checklist to become a college student. 

  1. Apply and get your EVC Student ID# (Admissions and Records)

  2. Set up your SJECCD Secure Login Portal including MyWeb, Canvas, Self-service, MyHealth Portal (First Stop Center)

  3. Upload the proof of COVID-19 Vaccination (First Stop Center)

  4. Complete the EVC New Student Orientation (Canvas)

  5. Make a counseling appointment (Counseling office, SC-250)

  6. Register for classes (First Stop Center)

  7. Apply for Financial Aid (Financial Aid office, SC-123)

  8. Buy textbooks (EVC Bookstore, Gullo I - 2nd Floor)

  9. Attend classes (Check your class schedule)

Choose Your Program Or Major

As a college student you must select an educational path/goal to work towards. Do you know your path? Check out MyPath: Career Coach to browse programs, take a career quiz, and start your path! Start here!

Career Coach

Placement test for ESL (English as A Second Language) Students

ESL (English as A Second Language) Placement tests are only offered to ESL students. It is now easier than ever to place into your ESL classes. 

Make sure you meet with our academic counselors who will match you with the appropriate courses and provide you with an educational road map to ensure your academic success! 

Below are the placement options you may choose when meeting with an EVC Academic Counselor:

1. Self-Guided Placement


  1. California State Assembly Bill 705 mandates that all students who are seeking to complete a degree have the right to self-place into transfer level English and Math.
  2. You can so complete the quiz using our Guided self-placement tool

2. High School Transcript (US)


  1. All students should bring a copy of their U.S. high school transcript with them when they first meet with an EVC academic counselor.
  2. If you are unable to obtain a copy of your high school transcript, but remember your high school GPA, you can self-report this GPA when meeting with your EVC academic counselor.

3. AP Scores


  1. Pass the AP English Language or Literature Composition Exam or the AP Calculus or AP Statistics exam with a score of 3 or above.
  2. Provide proof of these results when meeting with an EVC Academic Counselor.

4. College Transcript


  1. If you completed courses at another college and think it can count towards transfer credit, complete an EVC prerequisite verification form
  2. When meeting with an EVC academic counselor, provide a completed prerequisite verification form and a copy of the college transcript.

5. Schedule ESL Placement Test


If you would like to register for ESL classes at EVC and would like to take the ESL placement test, please contact us at 408-780-0420 or email us at to schedule your test.



Phone: (408)780-0420

For faster service, please include: 

  1. Full Name
  2. EVC ID#
  3. Phone #
  4. Email



Location & Office Hours

The First Stop Center is located in the Admissions and Records Building (A&R).

Monday to Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm

Friday: 9 am to 1 pm

Closed on weekends and holidays


Sarai Minjares

First Stop Center & First Year Experience Program Coordinator