Advanced Placement Scores

Official AP Scores must be submitted before the start of the semester or term.

Summer Semester:  “Pending AP Exam Scores” will not be accepted in order to register for the course. Students must submit official AP Exam Score (3 or above) to Admissions and Records department in order to register for the course.

Fall or Spring Semester: If a student wants to use an AP exam result to meet the prerequisite for an EVC course, the student needs to either meet with an EVC counselor or submit the Prerequisite Verification Form  and a copy of their official score from CollegeBoard to If a counselor determines that the student is eligible for the course, the counselor will enter their eligibility in the student database, which will enable the student to register or waitlist for the course (as long as the student is otherwise eligible to register). 

Evergreen Valley College

Math Course Sequencing (PDF)