VTA Eco Pass.

At the beginning of August, the college worked with VTA, ITSS and Admissions and Records Office staff to install the system and conduct testing. Now we are ready to begin issuing the VTA bus passes. The charge is mandatory in order to be able to offer a bus pass at an economical price. You will see the charge in your student account in the next couple of days.

As a bus rider myself I'm happy to say no more monthly payments! Yip Yippee​! So be green and save up on gas, save the environment and ride the VTA to school and meet new people with a joy ride. Thank you, Evergreen Valley College students for making the Eco-Friendly bus passes a complete success! Let us continue to make EVC a great success!


Your ASG President.


VTA EcoPass Fee.

Each student enrolled at Evergreen Valley college is automatically entitled to a VTA EcoPass:

  • $6.50 - Students enrolled in 5 or less units
  • $11.00 - Students enrolled in 6 or more units
  • $5 - Replacement Card Fee ( As of March 1st, 2023)

VTA EcoPass User Guide.


ECO Pass for Dual Enrollment Students.

High School students concurrently enrolled in Dual Enrollment at EVC, have the option to participate in the VTA Eco Pass program. If you are enrolled in 5 units or less, you will pay the amount of $6.50 per semester, and if you are enrolled in 6 units or more, you will pay the amount of $11.00 per semester. Should you choose to take advantage of this valuable incentive for students, please visit the Admissions & Records office to make your payment and obtain your Eco Pass.​

Available Routes to Evergreen Valley College.


Sam Morgan

Dean, Enrollment Services

A&R Building

Anindita Nag

Sr. Administrative Assistant

A&R Building