​​​How Do I Register For Classes?

Enroll online using Self Service 

The Class Schedule is completely online and shows the courses being offered for this academic session. ​

How to Read a Class Schedule:
In the Class Schedule, you will see the Subject (with an abbreviated heading, i.e. Psych for Psychology) followed by it's course number. 
Next, you will see the Course Title and Type of Credit or Units available for this course. 
Below, there is more information about the course: Registration ID number (6-digits), the Day and Time of the course, its Location and Instructor.

Additional icons (bullets, stars, etc.) will show the Types of Course Credit available: Mandatory or Optional credit / no-credit course, Letter-grade course, and Evening or Off-Campus Classes.​​

Adding/Dropping Class.

At EVC our goal is make it effortless as possible for you to make modifications your schedule. Do you need to add or drop a class? Do you need to completely withdraw? Read below for the steps/process for adding a class, dropping a class or withdrawing from EVC.

Adding Classes

You may add both regular and late start classes using Self Service up to the first day of classes as long as space in the class is available. After the first day of class, you must receive permission from the instructor which is most commonly issued through e-mail communication. Instructors will complete an Add Authorization, which will allow the student to register for the class in which permission was granted.​

Dropping Classes

You may drop a class by using Self Service or in person in the Admissions Office. You are responsible for dropping courses by published deadlines. Failure to do so may result in non-passing grades or outstanding fees. The following rules apply to dropping a class: 

No "W" notation -- Withdrawal -- or record of the course will reflect on your permanent record if you drop the course from the college by the published deadlines.

A "W" notation -- Withdrawal -- will be assigned if​ you drop the course between the 5th and 15th week of the regular semester (or 75% of the term, whichever is less). Please refer to the academic calendar for specific deadlines.

Total Withdrawal from College

If you wish to withdraw from all classes during the semester, you may use Self Service to drop all classes. Failure to withdraw properly may result in the assignment of unsatisfactory grades in those courses. (See above for drop instructions). If you need to drop all courses for personal or medical reasons, you may file a “Leave of Absence Petition” (hyperlink to form) for that semester, which will allow you to enroll the next semester without have to reapply to the college. 


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