Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is intended to help students disadvantaged by social, economic, educational, or linguistic barriers get the resources needed to enroll and succeed at Evergreen Valley College. 

EOPS provides guidance and support in order to help students achieve their academic, career, and personal goals. 

EOPS participants have access to priority registration, comprehensive academic counseling, financial aid and scholarships, book vouchers, and more. 


If you’re an EOPS student who is also unmarried, the parent of a child under 14 years old, the head of your household, and receiving TANF/CalWORKs benefits, you might also qualify for the Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program.

CARE gives students even more extra support, like meal cards, regional retreats and even more help with things EOPS does not cover, like transportation (gas cards) and school supplies.

It also offers personal development workshops, which can help you gain skills important for school, your career, and life in general.


NextUp is another EOPS program intended to serve current and former foster youth students. 

NextUp offers intentional support and resources to help foster youth students gain confidence, community, and student success.

 NextUp students have access to priority registration, financial aid grants and scholarships, holistic academic and career counseling, book voucher, gas vendor cards, overall basic needs support, and more.


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Services/Eligibility/Application Process

EOPS Services

  • Academic/Career counseling
  • Calculator and textbook loans
  • Priority registration
  • Grants & scholarships
  • Workshops on academics, wellness, financial aid and more
  • Free Cap and Gowns for Graduates
  • Access to book vouchers and vendor cards
  • Guidance with the transfer process 
  • CSU/UC Campus tours
  • And more



To apply and participate in EOPS you must be:

  • A California resident
  • Enrolled in 12 or more units
  • Eligible for the California Promise Grant
  • And have less than 70 degree-applicable units.

EOPS students must also identify with one of the following: 

  • Being a first-generation college student
  • Placing below college level English or math
  • Speaking English as your second language
  • Have a high school GPA below 2.5
  • Or not having a high school diploma or GED at all


Application Process

Just do the following (if you haven’t, already):

  1. Apply to attend Evergreen Valley College
  2. Apply for the California Promise Grant fee waiver
  3. Submit all transcripts from colleges you have previously attended to the Admissions & Records Office. (If you can’t get an official transcript because you owe fees, an unofficial one will work for now.)
  4. Submit the EOPS/CARE/NEXTUP Application

If you need help completing the application or require a hard copy, please email: evceops@evc.edu We’d be happy to help! 

Please Note: There is a one week turn around on application submissions, you should hear back from an EOPS staff member about your status within a week. 

If you’d like to sign up or have any questions about EOPS/CARE/NextUp, come by the EOPS/CARE + CalWORKs office or give us a call. We’d be happy to help you get started!


Student Services Building,
1st Floor: room SC-118
Summer Hours:
Mon - Thurs 8AM -6PM
Friday: 8AM- 1PM

Teresa De La Cruz, M.A.
Director of Special Programs