The Administration of Justice program offers an Associate in Science degree intended to academically prepare students with the necessary skills to work in the criminal justice field, in both public and private sectors.  The program focuses on essential learning dimensions of effective communication, critical inquiry, information literacy, social and cultural awareness, and ethical intelligence. The Administration of Justice Associate in Science degree will benefit students who desire to enter the workforce, continue with career technical education, or transfer to a four year institution to continue academic endeavors.  The Administration of Justice program combines both academic and practitioner perspectives to the study of crime in a global society.  Students must complete each major course and major elective course with a grade of “C” or better to be awarded the degree.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication necessary in the criminal justice field.
  • Interpret and analyze information, concepts, and theories of the criminal justice system from multiple perspectives.
  • Apply and integrate terminology, concepts, and practices of law enforcement, the courts, and corrections.
  • Recognize the value of a multicultural society and the importance of social justice within the community both personally and within the criminal justice field.
  • Analyze and consider personal decisions and ideas related to the criminal justice system that are based on civility, civic responsibility, and public perception.

Required Courses

Major Requirements
Course Title Units

AJ 010

Introduction to Administration Of Justice 3

AJ 011

Criminal Law 3

AJ 013

Criminal Procedures 3

AJ 014

Contemporary Police Issues 3

AJ 015

Introduction to Criminal Investigation 3
Major Electives
Course Title Units
Select 20 units from the following: 20

AJ 019

Law Enforcement in Multicultural Communities  

AJ 110

Drugs and Society  

AJ 111

Juvenile Law and Procedures  

AJ 112

Introduction to Evidence  

AJ 113

Crime and Violence in America  

AJ 114


AJ 115

Introduction to Forensic Science  

AJ 116

Introduction to Corrections  

AJ 117

Introduction to Cybercrime  

AJ 123

Women and Criminal Justice  

PHIL 060

Logic and Critical Thinking  

PHIL 065

Introduction to Ethics  


Psychology of Stress Reduction  


Violence Against Women: Cross-Cultural Perspective  

SOC 010

Introduction to Sociology  

SOC 011

Social Problems  

BIOL 025

Forensic Biology  

MATH 063

Elementary Statistics  

BIS 039

Professional Image  
Foreign Language (including sign language and conversation) OR  
California Peace Officer Standards and Training College-Accredited Regular Basic Police Academy or Regular Basic Police Academy Modular Course  
Total Requirements 
Course Title Units
Major Requirements 15
Major Electives 20
G.E. Requirements 24
Physical Activity 1
Total Units 60

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