Behavioral Intake and Assessment Certificate Program (BIA-CP) is designed to assist students with developing specialized and professional skill sets required for entry level employment opportunities with community mental and behavioral health service providers.  This course focuses on training students on important skills including but not limited to, foundations of intake and assessment procedures, in-outpatient services, clerical knowledge and practices, administrative and management principles, coordinating patient care with healthcare service providers in the community all while applying the guidelines of a multiple disciplinary team approach.   


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Identify intake and assessment screenings
  • Apply intake and assessment screening methods
  • Demonstrate strategic problem-solving skills
  • Collect data on evidence-based research
  • Explore resources in the community
  • Integrate career growth resources

Required Courses

Course Title Units
PSYCH 052 Drug Intake and Assessment Screening 3
PSYCH 053 Foundation of Mental and Behavioral Health Services 3
PSYCH 054 Introduction to Drug Use and Recovery 3
PSYCH 055 Best Practices: At-Risk Population 3
Total Units 12