The Associate in Arts Degree program in General Studies with Emphasis in Health Science outlines a course of study for students interested in allied health careers.  Students will learn to apply scientific methods to explore human structure and function, and health aspects of microbiology.

The program satisfies CSU GE requirements and includes courses for students planning careers in health science fields.  Students must complete each required area of emphasis course with a grade of ‘C’ or better.


What is a Program Map?

A program map is a suggested semester-by-semester plan to help you complete the courses required for a particular degree or certificate. It is based on the major sheet for the particular degree or certificate you are interested in. It includes courses required for the major, general education and any necessary electives. 

A program map is a representation of the major sheet. It includes the specific specialty courses in a major, general education courses and any necessary electives. 

What is a Major Sheet?

A major sheet includes a description of the program you are interested in, what you can expect to learn once you have completed the program (Program Learning Outcomes) and the specific specialty courses you will need to complete within a major.