The Associate in Arts Degree in General Studies with Emphasis in Sociology is designed to provide students with an opportunity to study a broad range of topics within Sociology and related courses. Issues of Diversity, Equality, and Social Justice are core to this area of emphasis.  While the courses that comprise this degree are all transferable, students who intend to transfer should consult a counselor for information as to the requirements for their intended baccalaureate major.  Note:  Many CSUs have unique admissions and preparation-for-the-Core Requirements beyond minimum requirements.  Students should consult the specific university catalog and website, www.assist.org, and an Evergreen Counselor for further information and assistance.  Students wishing to earn an Associate of Arts Degree in General Studies with Emphasis in Sociology must complete each required area of emphasis course with a grade of ‘C’ or better.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Provide core courses that meet transfer requirements to UC, CSU, and Private University for a Sociology Major.
  • Provide varied multicultural traditions that honor and respect ethnic diversity.
  • Provide students flexibility to accommodate diverse career goals and plans. 

Required Courses

Area of Emphasis Requirements
Course Title Units

ETH 010

Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3

MATH 063

Elementary Statistics 3

SOC 010

Introduction to Sociology 3

SOC 011

Social Problems 3
Select two of the following: 6

ETH 020

African American Culture  

ETH 030

Chicana/o Culture  

ETH 040

Vietnamese American Culture and Experience  
Total Requirements
Course Title Units
Area of Emphasis Requirements 18
Electives 2
General Education Requirements 39
Physical Activity 1
Total Units 60