The General Studies with Emphasis in Women and Gender Studies Associate in Arts Degree is an interdisciplinary course of study that stresses an intersectional, transnational, feminist, queer theory, and social justice approach to the study of women and gender. Utilizing perspectives from disciplines such as Women’s Studies, Psychology, Literature, History, and Sociology students explore how gendered experiences are created and shaped by social and economic institutions, political movements, and power structures. Through student driven Community Service-Learning or Public Service projects students learn to identify and implement strategies to achieve gender equity. Graduates from this versatile degree will be able to transfer and pursue a Baccalaureate Degree in Women’s Studies, Women Gender and Sexuality studies. The degree prepares students to find employment in Healthcare, Non-profits, Social Work, Journalism, Public Policy, Education, Communications, Family Services, Research and other professional fields.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate both orally and in writing in a culturally responsible manner.
  • Analyze gender roles using intersectional analysis, of race, ethnicity, sex identity, gender, sexuality, social class, and ability, in various cultural and historical contexts.
  • Analyze and critique gender images in literature, visual and performing arts, digital media, and popular culture.
  • Identify and implement strategies to address societal and power inequities to promote social justice and human rights for all genders.

Required Courses

Major Requirements

Course List
Course Title Units
WOMS 010 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 3
PSYCH 025 Psychology of Women: Global Perspective 3

Major Electives

Course Title Units
Select 5 courses from the following:  
AJ 123 Women and Criminal Justice 3
ENGL 032 Gender in Literature 3
EDIT 026 Women in STEM 3
HIST 014 Women in American History 3
PSYCH 026 Violence Against Women: Cross-Cultural Perspective 3
PSYCH 096 Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships 3
PSYCH 100 Human Sexuality 3
SERV 002 Service-Learning: Personal and Career Development 3
SOC 011 Social Problems 3

Community Service-Learning/Public Service Requirement

Course Title Units
Select one of the following options:  
40 hours of Community Service-Learning in Major or Elective Courses  


40 hours of Public Service approved by EVC Service-Learning and Public Service Program  

Total Requirements

Course Title Units
Major Requirements 6
Major Electives 15
General Education Requirements 39
Total Units 60

Some GE courses may be double-counted within the major and will reduce the number of units.  General electives may be needed to reach 60 units. Please consult with a counselor to determine which courses are applicable.

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