The CalWORKs Program is designed specifically for parents who want to pursue higher education.  CalWORKs (California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids) is a Program that helps student parents gain an Associates Degree or a Certificate while providing supportive services that enable you to be successful in college.  

We work with the State and County of Santa Clara to assist you with services that help to make college accessible for low-income parents.  

Our goal is to provide you with as many wrap-around services as needed to ensure that all parents can focus on college success AND raising children.

Classroom Big

Services We Provide.

  • Required books and supplies cost coverage
  • Childcare costs
  • Parking permits and transportation costs
  • Academic counseling
  • Referrals to other school services and community resources
  • Support, assistance, and advocacy
  • Career exploration
  • Job search
  • Resume development and help with applications
  • Student mentorship
  • Student lab
  • Tutoring
  • Work Study Program  - allows students to work up to 20 hours per week at EVC campus or in the community without reducing monthly (cash aid) grant


We assist our students with resources such as food, housing, rental assistance, technology assistance, and much more!

Tools & Resources

Resources to Support + Strengthen Your Studies


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