To provide support and enrichment to high achieving students.


The Honors Institute is designed to bring together students and faculty who share a demonstrated commitment to academic excellence. The Honors Institute is intended to challenge the superior student to produce quality scholarship and to achieve intellectual development within the general education program.


Eligibility for priority registration for all EVC classes. Completed Honors courses denoted on student transcripts.


New and incoming students to Evergreen Valley College need to achieve a GPA of 3.25 and accrue 12 units of credit at Evergreen Valley College to be eligible for the Honors Institute. Honors students submit at least one contact each semester from an Evergreen Valley College instructor for approval. Contracts must be submitted by the fifth week of the semester and completed during the semester for the student to be listed as an active Honors student and to be eligible for priority registration for subsequent semesters.  For additional information on reinstatement or for a one semester waiver after being an active Honors student for one semester, please contact the Honors Office.

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Tiffany O'Brien

Program Assistant

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