What is Caring Campus?

Caring Campus is a nationwide initiative of the Institute of Evidence Based Change (IEBC). EVC Classified Professionals were selected to attend sessions to discuss and develop campus-wide plans to foster a culture of caring on our campus. Six behavioral commitments (three traditional/in-person and three virtual) were selected to be implemented beginning Fall 2021.

EVC a Caring Campus
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Behavioral Commitments

  1. Nametags: Wear nametags so students can identify who can assist them
  2. Student Follow-up: Utilize the “warm handoff” technique and confirm that students understand who they need to contact and where to go for support
  3. Addressing Students: Be aware of cultural sensitivity when addressing students, and when possible, refer by name
  4. Zoom backgrounds: Utilize customized virtual backgrounds for each department/program during virtual meetings and events
  5. Virtual Social Events: Receive training on social network platforms and how to host successful, interactive virtual events
  6. Virtual Orientations: Contribute to any online communication and participate in virtual orientations for students

Why is Caring Campus Important?

We want to continue to foster an environment of connectedness and belonging for our students by making it known that we are here to support them. By engaging students regardless if they are in person or online, and ensuring they are taken care of, we can increase the likelihood that students will attain their educational goals at EVC!

Caring Campus Leaders Grid

Caring Campus Leaders

Below are the Classified Professionals that represented various areas of Caring Campus. They were involved in discussions and coaching sessions that helped form the behavioral commitments and plan for implementation.


Area Name​
Admission & Records Carmen Vasquez
Financial Aid McTate Stroman
Outreach & Recruitment Sarai Minjares
Special Academic Programs Vivian Yabumoto
Maya Gonzales
Business & Workforce Development Abeer Abdel Halim
Math, Science & Engineering Margarita Savageau
SSHAPE Bianca Lopez
Language Arts Nancy Tung
Library & Learning Resources Maria Holguin
Ali Arid
Custodial Lorenzo Rosas
Grounds Gary Cooper
Student Life Elba Vidal
Academic Services/Curriculum Stacy Alvarez
CTSS Alex Zamora
Business Services Robert Rivet
Counseling Paulette Sadler
DSP, Health & Wellness Services, Veteran’s Services Margaret Faumui
Tammara Chavez
Institutional Effectiveness Hazel De Ausen
Special Programs: EOPS/CARE/CALWORKs/YESS/OASSSIS Reyna Avila
Brenda Martinez
International Emmy Nguyen
TRIO (talent search/upward bound) Mounthasone Bott
Dual Enrollment/Noncredit Tam Nguyen
Campus Police  Lily Zahavedra
Classified Senate Appointments Brandon Yanari
Teneka Cornish
Mahad Omer
Special Academic Programs Mayra Garcia

Caring Campus Teams

  • Outreach/Presentation: responsible for assisting with presentation prep for the communication of our commitments to employees and students, as well as a handout to give all employees for Fall 2021 [Roxane Leaf, Nancy Tung, Vivian Yabumoto, McTate Stroman, Brenda Martinez, Mayra Garcia, Brandon Yanari]

  • Nametags: responsible for following up with name badges and campus police, designing nametag, ordering supplies, and planning a nametag making event; work on Zoom background commitment [Lillian Zahavedra Arciniega, Tam Nguyen, Roxane Leaf, Nancy Tung, Monty Bott, Alex Zamora]

  • Marketing: responsible for logo/slogan for the Caring Campus Initiative, designing a t-shirt and ordering them [Tam Nguyen, Lillian Zahavedra Arciniega, Vivian Yabumoto, Margaret Faumui, Nancy Tung, Roxane Leaf, Teneka Cornish, Maya Gonzales, Souvanny Kingkaeomanie]

  • Training: responsible for working on the “warm handoff” and “addressing students by first name” commitments in establishing training and communicating good customer service [Mayra Garcia, Bianca Lopez, Brandon Yanari, Sean Dickerson]

  • Technology: responsible for researching and purchasing virtual events software (Padlet, Menti, Jamboard, etc.) and working on tutorials/trainings especially addressing the “virtual orientation” and “hosting virtual events” commitment [Brenda Martinez, Mayra Garcia, Sarai Minjares, Sean Dickerson ]

  • Assessment: responsible for measuring the effectiveness of Caring Campus Initiatives, gain student and employee input and feedback on our commitments, offer recommendations for improvement [Hazel de Ausen, Abby AbdelHalim, Tammara Chavez, Robert Rivet, Sean Dickerson]