Request to Return

Students that have taken a Leave of Absence from the EVC Nursing program are eligible to Request to Return. Students have a one-year window from the time of their separation from the program, during which they are eligible to Request to Return. For example, a student that separates from the EVC Nursing program in Fall of 2023 may request to return for Spring of 2024 or Fall of 2024 but may not Request to Return for any later semesters. 

Students who fail first term are not eligible to request to return:

A student who fails NURS 010 or does not meet the criteria for a satisfactory standing at the time they withdraw

from NURS 010 will be automatically disqualified from EVC nursing program and will have to reapply to the

program as a generic applicant under the standard admission criteria.

Request to Return Application Deadlines

April 1st for Fall re-entry

November 1st for Spring re-entry

To request to return, please follow the instructions below and submit the application materials to the Nursing Office in Sequoia S-207 or at The application package must include:

1.    A completed Request to Return Form 

2.    A copy of the letter your instructor gave you when you left the program

3.    A written response detailing the remediation you have completed and explanation of why you feel you will be successful upon re-entry to the EVC Nursing program

4.    Any additional information or documents to support your remediation success such as transcripts from classes taken, etc.