Welcome to the Division of Math, Science, and Engineering where curiosity is invited and encouraged. What are you curious about? What are your aspirations? We will help transform you into powerful agents of hope and inspiration. 

Our division offers an array of courses to help fulfill General Education requirements, and degrees and certificates for STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). 

Mathematic courses include transfer-level Statistics to Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra.  The Science Departments offer not only transfer courses such as Cell Biology, General Chemistry, and Calculus-Based Physics, but also an array of General Education courses for the non-science major including Astronomy, Oceanography, and Physical Science.   Take a look at the links below to learn more about the Division of Math, Science, and Engineering, and our Departments and Programs to see the full range of courses, degrees, and certificates we offer.


STEM Programs

Tools & Resources

Resources To Support + Strengthen Your Studies

Transparent Circles

Supportive Services and Sites to nurture your curiosity

  1. The Mathematics and Science Resource Center (MSRC) is available to our students to obtain additional help in any science and math subject. It is located in the MS3 building, in room MS-112.  The MSRC provides tutoring services and resources provided by staff and student tutors and Math & Science faculty. Laptops and calculators are available to check out while using the services.  Starting in Spring 2024, the MSRC is offering additional tutoring hours on T, W and Th evenings; on those days, the MSRC is open until 8:00 p.m.
  2. The Biology Skills & Tutoring Lab is available to our students to obtain additional help specifically with their Biology courses.  It is located in the Sequoia Building in room S-219.  Tutoring services and resources are provided by student tutors and Biology faculty.  Three-dimensional anatomical models are available for students to study from.
  3. The Montgomery Hill Observatory (MHO) offers free public stargazing nights (weather permitting) every 2nd Friday of the month.
    Join the online Meetup group "Starry Evergreen" in order to receive information about upcoming events and special astronomical occasions. Registration is free. 
    Come view the skies with our two observatories and several telescopes set out for the public.  Children are welcome — bring your kids so they can learn how to use the telescopes and identify objects in the sky! 
    For further information, please email Rick Francisco.
  4. EVC Museum of Natural Science 


Dr. Antoinette Herrera
Division Dean

Vera Nazarov
Sr. Division Administrative Assistant

MS3 building, room MS-212
(408) 270-6490  

Faculty & Staff

Full Time Faculty





Sylvia Anderson ​Mathematics ​MS-266 ​​x6580
Celso Batalha Physics MS-228  ​x6570
Bonnie Brown ​Chemistry ​MS-268 ​x6870
Charles Chau Chemistry MS-272 ​x6567
May Chen Biology S-102 ​x6261
​Laimi Cong-Huyen ​Mathematics ​MS-218 ​x6178
Shanna Erickson ​Mathematics ​MS-236 ​x6040
Darcy Ernst ​Biology ​S-108 ​x6583
Henry Estrada  Computer Science MS-214  ​x6161
Michael Ghebreab ​Chemistry ​MS-224 ​x6610
Al Gonzalez Biology S-106 ​x6259
Lisa Hays Biology S-103 ​x6585
Jack Ho Computer Science MS-216 x6558
Melissa Hornstein Engineering A4-113 x6855
Rob Knight  Mathematics MS-226 ​x6154
Jennifer Kurushima ​Biology S-105 ​x6584
Teck Ky Mathematics MS-220 ​x6064
​Bob Lombard ​Mathematics ​MS-222 ​x6877
Michael Masuda ​Physics ​MS-270 ​x6527
Lisa Pang ​Biology ​S-104 ​x6260
Tin Quach  Mathematics MS-238 ​x6664
Preeti Srinivasan Chemistry MS-274 ​x6578
Abdie Tabrizi Engineering A4-113 ​x6855
Azita Tavana Biology S-107 ​x6602
Sithparran Vanniasegaram Mathematics ​MS-264 ​x6527

Adjunct Faculty

Name ​Department
Unbareen Ansari ​Biological Science
Alessandro Bailetti Sáez Biological Science
Wenyi Chen ​Biological Science
Katie Foltz ​Biological Science
Bridget Greuel Biological Science
Ping Hu Biological Science
Sara Kappus ​Biological Science
Amman Klair Biological Science
Connie La Biological Science
Austin McKenna Biological Science
Karen Moody Biological Science
Rey Morales Biological Science
Sharmila Ramamurthy Biological Science
Dadbeh Rouhbakhsh Biological Science
Juliana Vieira Biological Science
​Dinah Espineli ​Chemistry
Grant Holder Chemistry
Sami Ibrahim Chemistry
Kei-Lee (Kelley) Liu Chemistry
Poonam Narula Chemistry
Renu Sarin Chemistry
Niloofar Salehi ​Chemistry
Shreeyukta Singh ​Chemistry
Szelap (Philip) Chang) Computer Science
David Eisenberg Computer Science
Kathy Jensen Computer Science
Harjinder Kang Computer Science
Manjit (Manny) Kang Computer Science
Balaji Srinivasan Computer Science
Parviz Entekhabi Engineering
Javier Valencia Engineering
Albert Wong Engineering
Gholamreza (Reza) Brojerdi Mathematics
Cynthia Burnham Mathematics
John Gee Mathematics
Lisa Jackson Mathematics
William Juarez Mathematics
Tejal Naik Mathematics
Vinh Kha Nguyen Mathematics
To Tam Pham Mathematics
Tu Pham Mathematics
Mohammad Saleem Mathematics
Neelam Shukla Mathematics
Melody Stamp Mathematics
Revathi Sundaresan Mathematics
Padmavati (Padma) Tanniru Mathematics
Svetlana Tyuleneva Mathematics
Tracy Vu Mathematics
Sewan Fan Physics
Kevin Floyd Physics
Paul Houck Physics & Astronomy
Olenka Hubickyj Physics & Astronomy
Sean Kemp Physics & Astronomy
Ali Rahbar ​Physics & Astronomy
Jagruti Vedamati ​Physics & Physical Science



Title - Department



Van Duong

Instructional Lab Technician - Chemistry & Physics MS-135 x6594
Ricardo (Rick) Francisco Instructional Lab Technician - Physics & Astronomy MS-127 x6473
Vera Nazarov Sr. Division Administrative Assistant MS-212 x6490
Hoai Nguyen Instructional Lab Technician - Biology S-118 x6231
Linhtuyen Nguyen Instructional Assistant, Lab Lead - Biology S-219 x6074
Duyen (Bryan) Pham Instructional Assistant, Lab Lead - MSRC MS-112B x6247
Antonio Perez Instructional Lab Technician - Engineering AB-131 x6019
Margarita Savageau Biology Lab Coordinator S-128 x6599
Anh Tran Instructional Lab Technician - Biology S-120 x6849
Vu Tran Instructional Lab Technician - Chemistry MS-223 x6649
Jorge Vallin Instructional Support Assistant - MSRC MS-112A x6157
Vivian Yabumoto ASPIRE Program Coordinator A5-204 x6227
Robert Yav Instructional Support Assistant - MSRC MS-112A x6041