Evergreen Valley College offers various early-college opportunities for K-12 students, allowing students to complete college courses while still enrolled in middle or high school. Dual Enrollment is also open to adult education students who are in a GED or high school equivalency program at an adult school. Read on to learn about the different types of Dual Enrollment offered at Evergreen Valley College.

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Types of Dual Enrollment.



Any student taking a class at their own accord is considered a Concurrent Student. Most students will fall in this category.

  • Enroll in college class(es) at their own accord
  • Enroll in open courses
  • Take up to 11 units for Fall/Spring
  • Take up to 7 units for Summer
  • Do not pay enrollment fees

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College & Career Access Pathways (CCAP).

A student attending a high school in partnership with EVC through a CCAP Agreement and enrolls in a designated CCAP course is considered a CCAP Student.

  • Enroll in a closed, cohort-based course
  • Take classes that may be held at the high school
  • Take up to 15 units per semester, or up to 4 courses (CCAP courses only)
  • Do not pay enrollment fees
  • Do not pay material fees

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Adult Education.

A student who is currently enrolled in a GED or high school equivalency program at an adult school is considered an Adult Education Student. Prospective students can contact Teneka Cornish for more information to apply.

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Alexis Marquez

Program Coordinator


Teneka Cornish

Program Specialist


Yolanda Hayes

Dual Enrollment Counselor

Robbie Kunkel

Dean, LLRC, Dual Enrollment, Noncredit, College Wide Initiatives and Distance Education