Provides significant state of the art training and applicable employment skills in the following ASE certification topics: Electrical, Engine Performance, Advanced Engine Performance. Students must complete each major requirement course with a grade of “C” or better to be awarded the degree in Automotive Technology.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize, diagnose, and repair faults in the following systems: Starting, charging, lighting, instrumentation, climate control, safety, navigation, communication, fuel, ignition, valvetrain, throttle, emissions, powertrain, and stability.
  • Demonstrate skills using online vehicle diagnostic/repair information and specialized test equipment that is consistent with industry standards.
  • Execute safe, proper, and ethical work practices.

Required Courses

Major Requirements
Course Title Units
AUTO 102 Automotive Systems 3.5
AUTO 103 Light Line Technician 2
AUTO 118 Fuel Systems/Emission Controls 2.5
AUTO 119 Introduction to Engine Performance 2.5
AUTO 122 Advanced Electrical Systems 3
AUTO 125 Automotive Electronics 2
AUTO 127 Ignition Systems 2
AUTO 170 Electrical Systems 3
AUTO 171 Engine Systems 2.5
AUTO 172 Chassis and Drivetrain Systems 2.5
AUTO 173 Automotive Service Operations 2
AUTO 181A Introduction to Alternative Fuel and Hybrid/Electric Vehicles 2
AUTO 181B Hybrid Electric Vehicle Maintenance and Repair 3
AUTO 204 Driver Assist Technology 1.5
Total Requirements 
Course Title Units
Major Requirements 34
Electives - A.S. Applicable Automotive Courses 2
General Education Requirements 24
Total Units 60