I Want To Transfer To A University

Whether you are interested in attending a public or private four-year university, Evergreen Valley College is the first step toward a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree. 

At EVC, you can complete transfer requirements  while receiving the services and support that will prepare you for your journey. Our committed counselors can help you map out your path, semester by semester, with a custom-made education plan that responds to your needs while paving the way to your goal.

When you enroll in classes, our faculty will give you the expertise you need to transfer with confidence. Every member of our EVC team is dedicated to your success.

If you are planning to attend a California State University, our Associate Degrees for Transfer offer you guaranteed priority admission to a CSU campus.

Explore the different career and academic pathways and majors and start mapping your future. 

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I Want To Enter The Workforce

As we move into the 22nd century economy, relevant and versatile skill sets are essential to optimizing your long-term employment in a high-demand, high-wage occupation in the Silicon Valley region.

Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time, making a career change, or honing and expanding your skills so you can achieve greater success in your current field, Evergreen Valley College is your partner. 

Our programs are aligned with the critical workforce needs of our industry partners in developing up-to-date courses that incorporate hands-on learning, applicable and applied technical skills, and long-term critical and soft skills to be competitive and successful in the workforce.  These career pathway programs are focused in providing you experiences in the field of your study with industry partners through internships, apprenticeships, and/or on-the-job training work experiences. 

Learn more about how we can assist you in meeting your academic and economic success

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I Want To Advance My Skills

Whether you want to enhance your skills, evolve your knowledge, increase your physical activity, or learn something new just for the sake of learning something new, you can do all of that and more at EVC. 

Theater classes, astronomy, ethnic studies, automotive, weightlifting, dance, humanities, english, journalism, oceanography, music, reading, women and gender studies… and so much more. 

If you thirst for knowledge, quench your thirst at EVC. We love lifelong learners and this is the perfect place to keep building and expanding your toolbelt of skills and knowledge. 

Check out all of the different classes we have available. Go ahead, try something new

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I Have Other Educational Needs

We understand that beyond transferring to a 4-year university, entering the workforce, or brushing up on some skills, you may have other educational needs or desires that we can provide for you. 

Our suite of pre-collegiate programs are aimed to provide critical services and support for our high school students. Or, if English is your second language, we have many classes and resources to help you. Whatever your goals may be, let us help you get there. Connect with our incredible counselors and team, who is here to guide you. 



1. Apply

1. Apply

Thank you for your interest in making connections that count at Evergreen Valley College. Whether you are here in person or online, we are grateful that you have chosen Evergreen Valley College. We are committed to making sure your experience is as impactful as possible.

We have developed this quick step-by-step process to help guide you through the full application process and our team is here to help and support you.

Your first step to attending EVC is to apply to the college and obtain your Student Identification number (SID). 

EVC CCCApply Video: Applying to EVC as a New Student

2. ​Financial Aid

2. Financial Aid

EVC has a variety of financial aid options. To see which of the following grants and opportunities you may be eligible for, complete the Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 

  • CA Promise Grant
  • Pell Grant & FSEOG
  • Work Study
  • Direct Loans
  • Cal Grant

California Dream Act applicants must complete the CA Dream Act Application. You may be eligible for: 

  • CA Promise Grant
  • Cal Grant
  • EOPS

3. Orientation

3. Orientation

An Orientation will provide you with general information regarding EVC's services and programs such as transfer and degree requirements, vocational programs, and student services, as well as academic expectations, facilities, and resources available to you. You are required to complete the orientation online.

4. Counseling

4. Counseling

Our academic counselors are here to help you select the right classes for the current term, plan for future semesters, and assist you with the transfer process. 
In preparation for your counseling appointment, ensure you’ve researched and identified your academic pathway.

  1. Arts and Media
  2. Behavioral Sciences and Humanities
  3. Health + Human Services
  4. Business
  5. Industrial Technology and Transportation
  6. STEM

You can make your appointment now with a counselor.

Use My Path to help you explore career and pick a major.

5. Register For Classes

5. Register For Classes

Now It’s time for you to register for your classes and get the required course materials! Click on the links below to register for classes and discover what textbooks are required for your courses. 

You can buy your textbooks at the EVC bookstore or online. Our bookstore staff is ready to help you find the right books and all the pens, pencils and scantron forms you need.

  • Register for your classes
  • Waitlist Rules
    - Students must meet prerequisite prior to being added to waitlist
    - Students are not permitted to enroll and waitlist for multiple sections of the same course
    - Students are not allowed to waitlist if a course conflict exists

Unite Your Career + Academic Goals At EVC.

At Evergreen Valley College, we're all about our Students and we take great pride in our approach to education and Student Success. Choose your path below or explore all programs and majors.


Tools & Resources

Resources To Support + Strengthen Your Studies


“After high school, I was not sure which career path to pursue, so I decided to save money and come to EVC. It was the best choice I have ever made.”

Aileen Lopez Sulzinger, Class of 1992, Founder of A1D (Aileen1Design)


“As the first in my family to graduate high school, I struggled until I transferred to EVC. They welcomed me, helped me with an academic plan, and believed in me.”

Jose Buenfil, Class of 2018, Ph.D. student


“My classes at EVC helped prepare me to think outside the box and build my business through relationships and perseverance. My life is a blessing.”

Elizabeth Diaz, Class of 2007, Owner & Founder of JuiceAlize


“I wasn’t the studious type, but my professors at EVC compelled me to learn. The journey wasn’t easy but the tough love is the reason why I’m where I am today.”

Schaun Gabucan, D.D.S, Class of 1999


How do I apply for Financial Aid and do I have to be a full-time student to apply for Financial Aid?

You do not have to be a full-time student to apply for Financial Aid. Follow the steps below to apply:

Apply online on the FAFSA website

For DREAMers, apply to CA. DREAM Act

Complete the CA. Promise Grant application (formerly known as Board of Governors Fee Waiver).

Contact the Financial Aid Office for for more information.

I have attended another college previously, what should I do next?

Start by applying to EVC, then request official copies of your transcripts from all the colleges you have attended be sent to the Admissions and Records Office. An official transcript is required when petitioning for a degree, certificate, or to certify Veteran benefits. 

Then schedule a counseling appointment to review your previous credits and discuss your educational plan.

How do I apply for admission and obtain an ID#?

Click on Apply Now link to complete the admissions application. Once your application is submitted and processed, you will receive your EVC seven-digit student ID number to your email within 48 hours. For DREAMers: Complete the AB-540 Affidavit and submit to For more information, contact the Admissions & Records Office. EVC student with a student ID number will be able to register for classes, access class schedule, grades, transcripts, education plan, financial aid information, and make payment to your account.  

What kind of basic needs support do you have?

At Evergreen Valley College, we understand that much of your success inside the classroom comes from support outside of the classroom. The Office of Student Life, as well as our community, county and state partners work hand in hand to connect you to basic needs support that can make all the difference in your wellbeing, offering you a piece of mind during your time at EVC. Learn about all of our basic needs support.