The purpose of the associate degree in Biology is to provide a lower division science foundation for those interested in pursuing biology as a major field of study.  This major prepares students to transfer to any California State University or University of California campus.  Students considering careers in research, teaching, medical fields, biotechnology, or other related fields require a foundation in biological sciences.  The Biology major is an ideal academic preparation for entry into these professions. Students must complete each major course and major elective course with a grade of ‘C’ or better to be awarded the degree.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Employ the scientific method to pose testable hypotheses and make predictions.
  • Design and implement controlled experiments or observational studies to test predictions.
  • Collect, quantify, summarize, interpret, and present biological data.
  • Critically assess biological arguments.
  • Use computers to access multimedia lessons and conduct Internet searches for information on biological phenomena.
  • Write scientific papers and laboratory reports.
  • Use scientific terms appropriately.
  • Describe the importance of evolution as a guiding principle in biology.
  • Explain and apply general biological principles to include biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, organismal biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, and ecology.
  • Integrate the concepts and systems of homeostasis.
  • Compare and contrast the cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems of plant and animal organisms.
  • Apply general chemistry principles to biological processes and systems.

Required Courses

Major Requirements                 

Course Title Units
BIOL 004A General Principles and Cell Biology 5
BIOL 004B Organismal Biology and Biodiversity 5
CHEM 001A General Chemistry 5
CHEM 001B General Chemistry 5

Major Electives

Course List
Course Title Units
Select 8 units from the following: 8

BIOL 020

Human Biology  

BIOL 061

Human Heredity  

BIOL 062

Plants and Human Welfare  

BIOL 063


BIOL 064

Marine Biology  

BIOL 065

Wildlife Biology  

BIOL 071

Human Anatomy  

BIOL 072

Human Physiology  

BIOL 074

General Microbiology  


Field Biology - Coastal California  


Field Biology - Death Valley National Park  


Field Biology - Forest and River Ecology  


Field Biology - Volcanic Northern California  


Environmental Science  

Recommended Chemistry/Math Preparation

Course Title Units


Organic Chemistry  


Organic Chemistry  

MATH 063

Elementary Statistics  

MATH 071

Calculus I With Analytic Geometry  

or MATH 066

Calculus I Late Transcendentals for STEM

MATH 072

Calculus II With Analytic Geometry  

or MATH 067

Calculus II Late Transcendentals for STEM

Total Requirements 

Course Title Units
Major Requirements 20
Major Electives 8
General Education Requirements 1 39
Total Units

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