The purpose of the A.A. Degree in Chemistry is to provide a lower-division science foundation for those interested in pursuing chemistry or biochemistry as a major field of study. This major prepares students to transfer to any California State University or University of California campus. Students considering careers in research, teaching, scientific consulting, or medicine, and the chemical, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology industries, find the Chemistry major an ideal academic preparation for entry into these professions. The Chemistry Major consists of the following courses - All four (4) of the following courses are mandatory for the degree; for the transfer of these courses to a four-year school, a letter grade ‘C’ or better is needed in each.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Provide lower division science course foundation needed for our graduating students to be adequately prepared to take upper division courses at the university.
  • Provide the opportunity to earn an Associates level degree in chemistry for those students transferring to universities.
  • Provide technical training in chemistry/biochemistry for students interested in careers as diverse as health sciences, engineering, industrial chemistry, pharmacy, materials science, and teaching.
  • Meet the needs of business and industry for employees who can apply scientific methodologies and math skills, communicate effectively, and think critically.
  • Enhance college retention and success efforts, outlined in the College Educational Master Plan and Enrollment Management Plan, by providing greater flexibility in meeting individual student educational and employment objectives.

Required Courses

Major Requirements

Course Title Units
CHEM 001A General Chemistry 5
CHEM 001B General Chemistry 5
CHEM 012A Organic Chemistry 5
CHEM 012B Organic Chemistry 5

Major Electives

Course Title Units
MATH 071 Calculus I With Analytic Geometry 5
MATH 072 Calculus II With Analytic Geometry 5

Total Requirements

Course Title Units
Major Requirements 20
Major Electives 10
General Education Requirements 1 33
Physical Activity (graduation requirement) 1
Total Units 64

Math and Chemistry courses may be used to meet G.E. requirements (area B)