The AA Degree in General Studies with Emphasis in Astronomy provides a lower division science foundation for those interested in the field of astronomy. Astronomy amateurs, planetarium operator, science teachers, and future astronomy baccalaureate majors are potential students in this program. It incorporates courses in physics, requiring familiarity with the laws of physics to describe and predict astronomical events. The program outlines a course of study that emphasizes breadth in the physical sciences. This program also provides a robust foundation for students obtaining a credential in elementary science education. Students must complete each required area of emphasis course with a grade of “C” or better.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective use of the language when communicating scientific information, using methodological skepticism to scrutinize knowledge and to formulate opinions about world situations.
  • Analyze data collected in laboratory experimentation and formulate predictions using computer technology, mathematics, and consistent significant figures.
  • Solve problems representing real world situations using classical and/or modern physics.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the scientific method, by clearly identifying its use in current scientific developments, and in historical scientific revolutions.
  • Show personal responsibility and social awareness by exercising ethical leadership and balanced critique of new scientific developments and public affairs.

Required Courses

Area of Emphasis Requirements

Course Title Units
ASTRO 014 Solar System Astronomy 3
ASTRO 016 Stars, Galaxies, and the Origin of the Universe 3
PHYS 007A Calculus-Based General Physics for Scientists and Engineers - I 4
PHYS 007B Calculus-Based General Physics for Scientists and Engineers - II 4
PHYS 007C Calculus-Based General Physics for Scientists and Engineers - III 4

Total Requirements

Course Title Units
Area of Emphasis Requirements 18
AA applicable electives (recommended electives from area “B") 3
General Education Requirements 39
Total Units 60