The Associate in Arts in Studio Arts for Transfer degree is designed to prepare students to seamlessly transfer into the California State University (CSU) system and complete a baccalaureate degree in Studio Arts or similar field of study.  Course offerings expose students to a broad range of materials and techniques designed to build diverse technical skills, to nurture innovative and personally driven ideas, and promote professionalism in art and design solutions.  The Associate in Arts in Studio Arts for Transfer degree provides a sound foundation for students seeking careers in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Digital Media, Animation, Illustration, and Art Education, among others. 


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the elements and principles of art, and demonstrate skillful command in a variety of materials and techniques, both traditional and contemporary, to construct works of art and design that are impactful mediums of visual communication.
  • Apply design problem-solving processes, including various research techniques, brainstorming, thumbnail sketches, maquettes, prototypes, comps, safe and ethical use of materials and shared studio space, self-evaluations, and resulting in a final portfolio of art and design solutions.
  • Evaluate works of art and design through critical discussion and written assignments, using vocabulary specific to the visual arts.
  • Analyze, discuss, and interpret historically important works of art, architecture and design in terms of historical context and cultural values.

Required Courses

Major Requirements
Course Title Units
Core Requirements  

ART 012

Two Dimensional Design


ART 013

Three Dimensional Design


ART 024

Beginning Drawing


ART 035

Graphic Design I


ART 076A

Art and Design Portfolio Preparation


ART 092

Survey of Art History: Renaissance to the Present


Area of Specialization 6
Complete 6 units in one of the following areas of specialization  



ART 025

Expressive Drawing  

ART 026A

Representational Drawing  

ART 055A

Life Drawing I  

ART 055B

Life Drawing II  



ART 060A

Painting I  

ART 060B

Painting II  

ART 062A

Watercolor Painting I  

Digital Media


ART 032

Photoshop I  

ART 038

Graphic Design II  

ART 039

Introduction to Digital Video  

ART 041


CIT 040

Web Design I: Internet Publishing  



ART 042

Beginning Sculpture I  

ART 043

Sculpture II  

ART 066

Introduction to Metalsmithing  



ART 066

Introduction to Metalsmithing  

ART 067


ART 068

Casting for Small Metals  
Required Art History Elective 3

ART 091

Survey of Art History: Prehistoric Through Gothic  

ART 093

History of Modern Art  

ART 096

History of Asian Art  
Required Art Electives 2-3
Choose one course from list below, or one course (not already taken) from any area of specialization above  

ART 055C

Life Drawing III  

ART 060C

Painting III  

ART 062B

Watercolor Painting II  

ART 075

Advanced Small Metals and Jewelry Techniques  


Beginning Photography  


Intermediate Photography  

CADD 130

Fundamentals of AutoCAD  
Total Requirements
Course Title Units
Major Requirements 29-30
General Education 1 33
Total Units 62-63

Art History courses meet 6 units of general education requirements.

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