Womyn for Womyn Mentoring

"Having mentors helped me make good choices, to see things in a new perspectives, and to feel like I could seek out advice and guidance from supportive people around me. And most importantly, it make me feel that people cared about me and my accomplishments. That is a gift that I will always be grateful for."                                                                                                                           ~Woman for Womyn participant


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About Us

Using an intersectional perspective Womyn for Womyn Mentoring program creates brave spaces for female-identifying individuals to develop and advance as college and community leaders.

Advisory Team

Marjorie Clark

W&GS Coordinator

Bianca Lopez

Sr. Division Administrative 

Asst. SSHAPE Division

Melissa-Ann Nievera-Lozano

Faculty Ethnic Studies


Marjorie Clark

W&GS Coordinator


Location: CLOSED

Womyn's Gender Equity Center

Acacia Building -

A8-232   2nd Floor.

Phone: 408-270-6454