Transfer Requirements

Students from other Nursing programs can apply to transfer into the EVC Nursing program.

In order to be eligible for transfer:

(1) Applicants must have completed at least one semester at their previous Nursing program. Students that did not complete at least their first semester are not eligible for transfer into the EVC Nursing program.

(2) It cannot have been longer that two semesters since separating from the applicant's previous Nursing program.

(3) Applicants must complete Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, General Microbiology and English 1A prerequisite coursework with equivalence verification, if needed (more information here). (Note that students applying for transfer do not need to take the TEAS and are not evaluated using the Multicriteria Scoring Rubric.)

How to apply for transfer

In order to apply for transfer, applicants will need to submit an application package including:

(1) A statement explaining the circumstances of their separation from the applicant's previous Nursing program. Include your full name, email address and phone number. And please notify us if you are an international student. 

(2) Official transcripts showing completion of all prerequisite coursework and all Nursing coursework completed in the applicant's previous Nursing program.

(3) A copy of the course descriptions and syllabi for all Nursing courses completed.

You can submit your application package via email to or by mail to the below address.

  Evergreen Valley College
  Attn: Austin Hunter
  Nursing Program
  3095 Yerba Buena Road,
  San Jose, CA 95135

Application packages will be evaluated by Nursing faculty in order to determine fitness for the applicant's placement in the EVC Nursing program. Students deemed fit be notified via email and will be placed on a waitlist for entry into the EVC Nursing program. Waitlisted students will begin coursework contingent upon space availability.