Physical Education, Athletics and Kinesiology (PEAK).

The value of the relationship between physical activity, nutrition and wellness is never greater than when the alignment of these life forces breakdown and disease manifest.  Our subject matter in Physical Education, Athletics and Kinesiology (PEAK) serves to protect and extend good health and wellness.  Health degradation and loss of life-quality resulting from sedentary and nutritional diseases in many cases are preventable and need not exist.  For the less fortunate who suddenly learn the value of PEAK subject matter after onset of preventable disease desire the return of good health greater than wealth, success or education.


PEAK Mission Statement.

The mission of the PEAK program is to develop and deliver Physical Education, Kinesiology and Health courses, sport opportunities, fitness activities and programs that promote lifelong physical activity, health, and emotional, psychological and social well being of our diverse student population and community.

Associate Degrees + Degrees for Transfer

PEAK Department.

The Evergreen Valley College PEAK Department offers a variety of courses, including:

  • Lecture Classes - LifeTime Fitness, Intro to Kinesiology
  • Individual Sports - Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis
  • Team Sports - Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
  • Fitness Classes - Cardio Kickboxing, Hatha Yoga, Hiking, Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Ultimate Fitness, Walk/Jog, Weight Training
  • Adapted PE - Strength & Conditioning, Cross Training

Visit the Schedule of Classes section to see the current class offerings.


Our Students.

  1. Kinesiology/Physical Education Majors: These students are interested in pursuing a career in Kinesiology/Physical Education.
  2. Non-Kinesiology/Physical Education Majors: These students take our courses for a variety of reasons including degree/transfer requirements and personal wellness.
  3. Lifelong Learners: These students take kinesiology/physical education classes for personal enrichment and improved health practices. They are often older community members who bring a very valuable life experiences and perspectives to our classes.
  4. "Gateway" Students: We have a large population of students with limited English language skills and students who are the first in their families to attend college. Kinesiology/physical education classes serve as a gateway for many students who are college pioneers in their families. We also have many students with learning or language disabilities.

Tools & Resources

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Colleen Calderon

Dean, Social Science, Humanities, Arts & Physical Education

MS3 Building, SA-246​

Bianca Lopez​

Sr. Administrative Assistant​