SLOs identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students will be able to demonstrate as a result of their engagement in a particular course, program and collegiate experiences at Evergreen Valley College. All SLOs need to be assessed within a 2-year cycle for academic and Career Technical Education courses (based on program review requirements).  Course level SLOs are available through course syllabi and the official course outline of record (curriQunet​). Program level SLOs are listed under "degrees and certificates​" in the catalog.

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Institutional/General Education Learning Outcomes (ILOs).

ILOs are knowledge, skills and abilities a student is expected to leave an institution with as a result of a student's total experience. The faculty and staff at Evergreen Valley College believe that General Education (GE) Outcomes represent a common core of outcomes for the majority of students transferring or receiving degrees; therefore, Evergreen created ILOs encompassing GE components, as well as student support service areas. (ILO's defined)​

Upon completion of study at Evergreen Valley College…



  • The student will demonstrate effective communication, appropriate to audience and purpose.

Inquiry and Reasoning

  • The student will critically evaluate information to interpret ideas and solve problems.

Information Competency

  • The student will utilize information from a variety of sources to make an informed decision and take action.

Social Responsibility

  • The student will demonstrate effective interpersonal skills with people of diverse backgrounds and effectively function in group decision making.

Personal Development

  • ​The student will demonstrate growth and self-management to promote life-long learning and personal well-being.​


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Assessment.

The purpose of the Student Learning Outcome Assessment Committee (SLOAC) is to oversee and guide the college process for writing/incorporating S​LOs and assessment across the curriculum and programs. The committee shapes the college's approach to assessment by providing a common assessment language through SLO Assessment Plans and the standardized assessment reporting templates.  The committee strives to support a campus culture of assessment by encouraging assessment dialogue and sharing best practices to improve student learning and integrate results into college planning.​Committee Charge