Student Learning Outcomes Assessment


The purpose of the Student Learning Outcome Assessm​ent Committee (SLOAC) is to oversee and guide the college process for writing/incorporating SLOs and assessment across the curriculum and programs. The committee shapes the college's approach to assessment by providing a common assessment language through SLO Assessment Plans and the standardized assessment reporting templates.  The committee strives to support a campus culture of assessment by encouraging assessment dialogue and sharing best practices to improve student learning and integrate results into college planning.

Specifically, this committee will:

  • Provide guidance in identifying appropriate assessment measures for SLOs
  • Provide structure for mapping of outcomes (course, program, institution) and documentation of assessment results
  • Facilitate staff development on SLO assessment and reporting
  • Promote campus assessment dialogue through division/departments and campus activities
  • Provide campus-wide progress reports on assessment activities

Recommendations Forwarded to

  • Academic Senate
    Academic Senate supports SLOAC work by:

    • Championing SLO related initiatives/activities- reporting back to divisions, and linking assessment work to improvement
    • Actively contributing to the culture of assessment by participating in and sharing assessment results, while helping to lead  campus efforts
    • Supporting Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO) assessment activities by  participating in assessments, and adopting standardized rubrics


  • Administration: - 2- Appointed by the College President (one from instruction and one from Student Affairs)
  • Associated Students: – 2
  • Classified: - 3
    • Curriculum specialist
    • Articulation Specialist
    • Student Affairs representative
  • Faculty: – 8 (one faculty from each division as determined by the Academic Senate)
    • Business & Workforce Development
    • Counseling & Matriculation
    • Language Arts
    • Library and Learning Resources
    • Math, Science, & Engineering
    • Nursing & Allied Health
    • Social Science, Humanities, Arts & P.E.
    • At-Large (elected by the Academic Senate)
    • Curriculum Chair


  • S​​LO Coordinator- for 2 year term- 40% reassigned time
  • Elected by Academic Senate


  • All members are elected/appointed for one year, renewable by appropriate constituent group.


  • 2​​​nd​ & 4th Fridays of each month, 10:00am-11:30pm


  • Members have a one-year term, renewable by appropriate constituent group. The committee may elect to enforce the three consecutive unexcused absences as a term of vacancy but must make reasonable attempts to contact the member prior to announcing the vacancy to the appropriate constituency.



SLO Coordinator


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