College Archives


  • The College Archives Committee recommends policy and provides planning, management and oversight of the college archives.  Members can elect to use a consensus, hand or voice vote.(new charge approved 10/27/08)

Recommendations Forwarded to

  • College Council


  • All members are elected/appointed for one year, renewable by appropriate constituent group.


  • 2nd Wednesday of each month, 3:00 – 4:30 pm


  • Open to any interested member of the college community.​


Administration - 2
Associated Students - 2
Classified - 2
Faculty - 8 (one faculty from each division as determined by the Academic Senate)

  • Business & Workforce Development
  • Counseling & Matriculation
  • Language Arts
  • Library & Learning Resources
  • Math, Science & Engineering
  • Nursing & Allied Health
  • Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts & PE
  • At large (elected by Academic Senate)

Archivist – approved by College Council

College Archivist (voting member approved by College Council) 
Has the authority to collect and present details to the Archives Committee for approval.  The scope of collection will be limited to:

  1. All material produced on campus.
  2. Manuscripts of employees of the college.
  3. Manuscripts of current and former students of the college.
  4. Manuscripts of contactors with the college.

Mechanics of Collection

  1. Transfer of Documents:  Physical property transfer should be handled by the Archivist to maintain original order or contents and to address preservation issues.

  2. Transfer of Rights of Ownership: Deed of Gift only for manuscripts.  No Deed of Gift needed for documents produced on campus.

Records Retention

  1. There will be no records retention schedule.  All material transferred to the Archives will be preserved based upon the priorities of historical, administrative, legal and financial value.

  2. Items to be destroyed will be listed and submitted to the Archives Committee for approval before destruction.

  3. The permanent collection will not include: Payroll records, Admission & Records material, Personnel records, Police crime records other than statistical summaries, and other confidential material.

Decession will only occur by order of (and with the approval of the Archives Committee): Board of Trustees, Chancellor, College President and Legal Warrant.​​




Eric Narveson​

To be selected from among the committee members