1. Assure all college planning is aligned and responsive to the college mission and goals.
  2. The committee oversees college accreditation, program review and strategic planning processes.

Accreditation Charge

  1. Oversee the Accreditation compliance process and related accountability in consultation with the VP of Academic Affairs and the various constituent groups.
  2. Coordinate accreditation activities, including preparation of self-study reports, midterm reports, interim reports, annual reports, and site visitations for accreditation reaffirmation, to ensure sustainable and continual quality improvement.
  3. Create and monitor a work plan and schedule inclusive of the accreditation cycle.
  4. Receive and distribute information to and from campus and community constituencies. 
  5. Maintain accreditation reports and update resources in the Accreditation Resource Center (Evidence Room).

Program Review Charge

  1. Establish, monitor, and oversee the program review criteria, process, implementation, and accountability in consultation with the Academic Senate and college council.
  2. Facilitate a data driven Program Review process that will inform institutional priorities .
  3. Coordinate information and data (SLO) with SLO Sub-Curriculum Committee.
  4. Develop and monitor Program Review schedule for the college campus and implement formal notification of scheduled program reviews.
  5. Provide consultation and feedback during program review process.
  6. Ensure program review is available for public access.

Strategic Plan Charge

  1. Establish, monitor, and oversee the Strategic Planning process, implementation and accountability.
  2. Ensure all college planning is responsive to the college vision, values, mission goals, community, and student demographics, while integrating district mission and values.
  3. Ensure that all planning processes involve appropriate segments of the college community.
  4. Forward recommendations to College Council and Academic Senate as appropriate
  5. Create process to report ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of the college strategic plan
  6. Oversee the Educational Master Plan process, implementation, and accountability.

Recommendation forwarded to

  • College Council and Academic Senate as appropriate


Administration: 3 appointed by MSCC

Associated Students: 4

Classified: 4

Faculty: 8 (at least one faculty from each area designated below)

  • Business and Workforce Development
  • Student Success and Support Services
  • Language Arts
  • Library
  • Math, Science & Engineering
  • Nursing & Allied Health
  • Social Science, Arts, Humanities, and P.E.
  • At-Large (elected by the Academic Senate)

Ex Officio: Vice President of Academic Affairs  and Campus Researcher


  • ​​All members are elected/appointed for two years, renewable by appropriate constituent group

Meeting Schedule

1st and 3rd Mondays of the month time TBD


  • ​​​Open to any interested member of the college


Fall 2006
Revised Fall 2014
Approved by: College Council 3-09-15​

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