Student Equity


The Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Program merges funding for three initiatives: the Student Success and Support Program; the Basic Skills Initiative; and Student Equity. The SEA Program is an attempt to make it easier for institutions to fund the programs that these initiatives were trying to encourage. Integrating these efforts into a single SEA Program will help colleges close the achievement gaps for students from traditionally underrepresented populations.
Equity plans are designed to increase achievement by targeting specific indicators (access; retention; attained the vision goal completion; transferred to a four-year institution; and completed both transfer-level math and English) and gauging their success. Colleges are required to create establish goals and implement strategies to address disparities discovered.
To align with the SEA Program, Evergreen Valley College's Student Equity Committee has been established and meets regularly to:

  1. Review College plans through an equity and inclusion lens and research best practices, and innovative methods for cultivating an equitable and inclusive campus environment.
  2. Educate, promote and inform the college community on equity, diversity, and inclusion issues.
  3. Establish a funding request process for SEA funds.
  4. Collaborate with other college committees and offices to support institutional plans with regard to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  5. Discuss and respond to data with regard to equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  6. Presents annual reports to the campus community and District on the progress the institution is making in achieving goals.

Recommendations Forwarded to

College Council


  • Administration: - 3
  • Classified: -2 
  • Students: -2
  • Faculty: - 8
    • Business & Workforce Development
    • Counseling & Matriculation
    • Language Arts
    • Library and Learning Resources
    • Math, Science, & Engineering
    • Nursing & Allied Health
    • Social Science, Humanities, Arts & P.E.
  • Special Programs: varies, depending on the make of the committee 


All members are elected/appointed for two years, renewable by appropriate constituent group.


1st and 3rd Monday of each month, 3:00-4:30 pm in SC-233


Open to any interested member of the college community


Majority of those present

2022-2025 Student Equity Goals

Our goal is to have an impact in three main areas of campus in order to close achievement gaps.


Goal 1: Individual

We all own the responsibility to engage in individual change and self-reflection. Through a continued focus on ongoing equity-based professional development training opportunities, we hope that employees will feel empowered in their equity work.


Goal 2: Structural

We seek to remove the barriers that disenfranchise students of color and create equity gaps, through an examination of the investigation of policies, procedures, and practices that lead to friction points.


Goal 3: Cultural

We will focus on becoming a campus of care where students not only feel a sense of belonging, but feel that they, their identity, and their success matters to each of us. We hope to achieve this culture of care through intentional activities, a shared vision, and equity-centered actions.