The Program Review process at Evergreen Valley College lies under the auspice of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) along with Accreditation and Strategic Planning.  Since the inception of IEC in 2006, clearly defined review criteria for academic and student services programs have been implemented which address important institutional priorities. In addition a schedule, annual timeline, and process for the completion of the review have been established.  IEC also conducts an orientation for Program Review at the beginning of each academic year to support faculty and staff who are scheduled to conduct a review for that year.  Ongoing support and check-in systems are also in place to provide support and resources for the programs and services throughout the y​​ear.​

2023-24 Program Review Information and Resources

Program review will be completed in CurriQunet META

Because the system is new, you need to save your work in Word Doc template with all the program review questions.  We are working to build the system to meet EVC's specific program review needs, and we are acknowledging that our first year using program review module in CurriQunet META may face some challenges, but we are determined to make the system as efficient as possible.