Return to Title IV.


Return to Title IV is a process by which the percentage of Title IV aid the student received or should have received must be determined after a student has completely withdrawn from their courses during a given semester prior to the 61% completion date. Any financial aid student who completely withdraws from a semester will be evaluated to see if one of the following must occur:

  • They received aid, but owe some back to the school and/or the Federal Government (Title IV).
  • They received aid (or perhaps they did not), but they should have been eligible to receive additional aid for the time they did attend classes.
  • They received aid (or perhaps they did not), but the amount received was within the range where no funds need to be paid back.

The determination of drop date will be based on official notification by the student (in any form of writing or from a conversation indicating they are withdrawing) or by using the A&R Office's records. At any time a student withdraws from 100% of their classes, the percentage completed calculation will be determined. If the records available for their 100% withdrawal date are incomplete or inconclusive, the FAO may use a default point of 50% completion. We will follow the federally mandated order of repayment for the Title IV funds (Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loans, Federal Subsidized Direct Loans, Federal Pell Grants, and finally Federal SEOG). 

Once the R2T4 calculation has been completed, the student will be notified of their repayment amount and responsibility to both the college and Title IV (Department of Education).  The student's account will reflect the amount owed to the college. Students will be liable for both portions of the required repayment (to the college and Title IV).   Student has 45 days to pay both portions at the Campus Business Services Office.  Additionally, students who owe the college will have holds placed on their record which will prevent the student from registering and ordering transcripts.  After 45 days, the amount owed to the Department of Education will be reported to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) as an overpayment preventing further Title IV aid until the debt has been resolved. If repayment to the college does not happen in a timely fashion the student will be sent to collections by the A&R Office along with all other debts.

In the cases where a post-withdrawal disbursement is necessary, the amount owed to the student will offered and if accepted within 14 days will be disbursed to their student account and refunded at the next regular disbursement date. 

Please contact the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from all your classes.