The California Promise is not only expanding access to a community college education, but its’ also closing achievement gaps and improving student performance. As part of the California Promise, colleges can, but not required to, waive enrollment fees for all first-time, full-time students who do not qualify for the California College Promise Grant. The California College Promise Grant, formerly known as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver, serves more than 1 million California community college students each year

The California College Promise Grant and the California Promise are separate programs. EVC offers our First 2 Free, Books and Supplies Grant, Retention Grants and a Financial Aid Ambassador Program under our California Promise Program funding. Learn more at the links below. 


California Promise Programs.

CA College Promise Grant

The California College Promise Grant (CCPG), formerly known as the Board of Governors' Fee Waiver (BOGFW), is a state funded program which is available to California residents who meet the specific income eligibility requirements.  For additional information please watch this short video.

The CCPG pays only the $46/unit Enrollment Fee. Students are responsible for paying any fees not covered by the award.  The CCPG will be awarded for the entire academic year which includes the (Summer, Fall and Spring) semesters. Eligible students receive $20 off the cost of their semester parking permit for fall and spring.

2023-2024 CCPG - Covers Summer 2023, Fall 2023, and Spring 2024

First 2 Free

Financial Aid applicants, who do not qualify for the CA College Promise Grant but submitted a FAFSA or Cal Dream Application, may be eligible to get their fees covered for two years if they meet the following criteria:

  • Application processed by the first day of the fall semester.
  • Plan to enroll full-time for both fall and spring semesters
  • New/first time student
  • California resident or eligible for non-resident exemption
  • Student Aid Index (SAI) is lower than $100,000*
  • Priority given to recent high school graduates

Eligible students will be awarded the California Promise Enrollment Grant after the semester census date+.  The enrollment fee of $46 per unit will be covered up to a maximum of $690 (15 units) per semester. The enrollment status of full time for the term will be established at census. Enrollment changes after census will not affect the award.

This award is only for the first two years of attendance and students must start in the fall semester. Students who are eligible for the first year, must reapply for financial aid the following year to determine eligibility for the 2nd year.

Books and Supplies Grant

Students who applied for Financial Aid and awarded a CA College Promise Grant, but do not qualify for a Pell Grant, may be eligible for a Books and Supplies Grant of up to $500 if they meet the following criteria:

  • Application processed by our priority deadline.
  • Registered as a Full-Time Student
  • California Resident or eligible for Non-Resident exemption.
  • Student Aid Index (SAI) between $5847 and $12,000*.
  • Priority given to recent high school graduates.

Retention Grant

In conjunction with Special Programs who support at-risk students, including but not limited to Foster Youth, AB540 and 1st generation college students, the Financial Aid Office has established Retention Grants of up to $500^ for students who meet certain eligibility requirements, including:

  • Financial Aid Application on File (FAFSA or Cal Dream)
  • Educational Plan on File
  • Enrolled in 6 or more units during primary terms
  • Experiencing Financial Hardship
  • On track to graduate or transfer