Mission & Strategic Planning

2016 Progress on the Mission Report

Vision Statement:

Evergreen Valley College will be a high-quality learning institution that is student centered with a welcoming acceptance of all in an open, collaborative manner.​


With equity, opportunity and social justice as our guiding principles, Evergreen Valley College's mission is to empower and prepare students from diverse backgrounds to succeed academically and to be civically responsible global citizens.

We meet our mission through a wide spectrum of educational experiences, flexible methodologies, and support services for our students. We offer associate degrees, associate degrees for transfer, certificates, career technical education, and transfer coursework.

(Revisions were approved through College Governance December 9, 2019 and approved by the Board of Trustees February 11, 2020.)

Strategic Initiatives

  1. EVC will improve student success
      • Expand the development of educational and career pathways.
      • Increase the number of students earning a degree, certificate, or transferring to a four-year institution and reduce the average number of units accumulated by students earning an associate degree.
      • Assess and strategically enhance enrollment and completion through practices supporting the student's college experience.
  2. EVC will support student success
      • Address student basic needs.
      • Enhance academic support through early intervention.
      • Increase health and mental wellness support.
  3. EVC will enhance internal institutional effectiveness
      • Clarify the college governance structure.
      • Strengthen internal communications to facilitate a more cohesive college community.
      • Address program influence/impact on the college.
      • Establish structure and timeline for measuring internal institutional effectiveness.
  4. EVC will enhance institutional effectiveness in the community at large
      • Increase mutually beneficial activities in the San Jose community and South Bay region.
      • Increase community use of college property.
      • Increase the portion of CTE program graduates who find work in their field of study.
      • Establish a structure and a timeline for measuring external college impact.
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