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Jun 1, 2022

Evergreen Valley College, Building Skills Partnership join forces to develop a more tech-literate workforce.

College, Nonprofit Help Build Digital Literacy for Property Service Workers

Aug 25, 2021

EVC Receives $2M Grant to Support Pre-Collegiate Programs

Evergreen Valley College (EVC) today announced the renewal of its Talent Search grant through the US Department of Education, which amounts to $404,413 per y

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“If not for EVC, I wouldn’t have continued my education. Now, with a doctorate, I work with inmates, helping change their life trajectory.”

Tai Faaleava, PsyD, Mule Creek State Prison, EVC Class of 2011


“It wasn’t until I attended EVC that I was able to take empowering classes that really centered around myself, my culture, and my community.”

Desiree Victor, Site Director at Young Women’s Freedom Center, EVC Class of 2010


“The community at EVC was inclusive and supportive. I was pushed outside my comfort zone. Learning so much about myself, I left empowered.”

Ken Joseph Vu, San Jose State University student, EVC Class of 2018


“Attending EVC allowed me to explore and discover my interests. I would not have even had a shot at Yale had I not attended EVC.”

Brooke Alviar, EVC Class of 2019