College and Safety Facilities


The purpose of the College Safety/Facilities Planning Committee is to:

  • Promote college culture of safety by supporting campus safety education and training.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding procedures related to safety.
  • Ensure a clear mechanism for individuals to report safety/facility issues, providing regular communications to the campus where the information is located.
  • Review and make recommendations on bond projects to be included in the Facilities Master Plan, including prioritization of new buildings.
  • Review major facilities remodeling projects and assign priorities and timelines for completion of such projects.
  • Review and make recommendations on the efficient and effective utilization of college facilities.

Recommendations Forwarded to

  • College Council


  • Classified (4)
  • MSCC (4)
  • Associated Students (2)
  • Faculty (8) – One from each division as determined by the College Academic Senate.  If a division is unable fill their designated slot on the committee, said slot will be made available as an "at-large" faculty representative, as determined by the College Academic Senate. 
    • Business & Workforce Development
    • Counseling & Matriculation
    • Language Arts
    • Library and Learning Resources
    • Math, Science, & Engineering
    • Nursing & Allied Health
    • Social Science, Humanities, Arts, & PE
    • At-Large (elected by the Academic Senate)
  • Vice President, Administrative Services (as part of job responsibilities)
  • District Non-Voting/Ex Officio Members – District Director of Facilities & Bond Program, District Contracts & Risk Manager, District Chief of Police, and District Lieutenant.


To be selected from among the committee members.  
Faculty reassigned time.


  • All members are elected/appointed for one year, renewable by appropriate constituent group.


  • 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month, 1:30-3:00 pm


  • Open to any interested member of the college community

*Please refer to the Shared Governance Handbook for Operational Rules for all Open Committees.


1983 OSHA Committee
1986 Safety Committee
1999 Campus Safety/ADA Committee
2006 College Safety combined with Facilities Committee


Lynette Apen​